Monday, April 18, 2011

hook, line and sink-her

I'm so emotionally lame, it's disgusting. I hang on every word that boy bestows. Why? Is he magical, evil, possessed, criminally cruel? He has so many female friends, and they all adore him - how does he get to be that way, and why are there so many girls who feel that way about a seemingly ordinary boy? Does he play us all? Does he know what he creates?  I am undecided.

I know that when I sat down to attend to my work emails - seeing one from him - excited me like nothing else. Double clicked in a flash, no looking back - I wasted 45 minutes pondering and replying.. and all day I hung for a reply, to my reply. He remembered my birthday. Over the weekend, I felt sick at the thought that I didn't matter enough for him to wish me happy birthday on facebook. I am such a joke.  Amongst a short email on my birthday-day, he followed up with some funny birthday pictures today; one being:

Does it matter where you find a laugh, or the skip of a heart beat - just as long as it feels real? I suspect the only thing at risk of harm, is me. Uh oh.

SB xx

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