Sunday, September 19, 2010

Much Ado, About.. Nothing?

It's been a few days, and I really wish I had something intriguing to write about.. but alas, I do not. This weekend has been subdued, but unsettled at the same time - things don't feel to fit the way they should; or is that the other way around?

I'm in a bit of a mood. Like I want to crawl into an abandoned cave, where I am warm and safe - but alone. I think I need to be alone with my thoughts - we've got some shit to sort out.

John is away for a month. He left Friday. As he left, in all his stock-standard goodbye glory, we momentarily locked eyes (some days, I live for those moments), I gave him a quiet smile, and then, he closed the door. He's going on an adventure, and I wished I was the one he wanted to take with him.

This is the kind of headache, of which no amount of paracetamol will take care of.

I hope that this month will rid me of him; I've been stuck in a half life for far too long. He is a cruel man, and when he plays with me, he knows not what he does... or perhaps he does?

All day, all I heard was bad news stories. I want to shake them like a wet dog shakes its coat. Bad news weighs me down.

Tomorrow is a new day, let it be a good news one.

SB xx

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